Waterproof Outdoor Dog Boots


Waterproof Outdoor Dog Boots

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The Waterproof Outdoor Dog Boots (4 pcs) protect your dog paws clean and dry during wets or salt/deicer on snow and on rough terrains. These dog booties are made of PU leather, breathable nylon material, cotton and rubber materials. They are durable & lightweight that make it’s perfect for outdoor everyday use and protect dogs paws from rains, mud, snow and scorching hot weather.  It is great as dog snow boots.

  • Waterproof & Ergonomic design – Made of PU leather, breathable nylon, cotton and rubber material, it’s waterproof, durable & lightweight.  The dog booties has soft and durable cotton inner lining keeps your dog paws comfortable and dry.  Suitable for everyday outdoor activities.
  • Easy & Better Fittings –  With 2 adjustable velcro straps for quick and flexible fastening or removal.
  • Reflective Design – With reflective strips attached, it keeps your dog highly visible & safe during night time.
  • Non-Slip Rubber Sole – Constructed with high quality, long lasting, thick rubber sole to prevent slip. And, protects your dog paws.
  • Easy to Clean – Easy to wipe clean or hand wash.

Size Guide: Sizes are determined by the Maximum Width of your Dog Paw.  Suitable for Dog with Paw Width (1.4 – 3 inch) / (3.5 – 7.5 cm).   Please ensure that you take your Dog Paw Measurement correctly before choosing the Right Size.  See below guide for more details.

Money Back Guarantee: We offer full refund, if the item delivered is not as described. We want you to be happy & satisfied with all your purchase at our store.

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Prevent Cracked Dog Paws – Wear dog boots to protect their paws from the cold, sharp ice, rock salt, and other harmful substances in Winter. Similarly, during hot summer, protect their paws from hot pavement and dirt which can crack, burn or blister.

Note that if your dog has not worn shoes before, it may take some time to get use to. Encourage them to move around and feel more comfortable with wearing shoes.  Please note that your dog should always be supervised and should not be left unattended when wearing shoes. And, do not leave shoes on your dog for more than 5 hours as the heat may cause discomfort and irritation to your dog.

Size Guide

1. Place a sheet of paper on a hard surface
2. Place the front paw of your dog firmly on the paper
3. Mark both sides of the paw at their widest points on the paper with a pen
4. Choose the Next Size that fits the paw’s width. eg. Width = 1.9″, choose 4

6835-Waterproof Dog Shoes 2a

6895-waterproof dog boots 2
6835-Waterproof Dog Shoes 4a

Adjustable Velcro Straps – Easy & Better Fittings

6835-Waterproof Dog Shoes 4b

Reflective Strips – Better Visibility & Safety

6835-Waterproof Dog Shoes 4c

Waterproof & Windproof material – Protects from rain & muds, Easy to clean

6835-Waterproof Dog Shoes 4d

Non-Slip Rubber Sole & Soft Ergonomic shape – Protects paws & Maximum support

6835-Waterproof Dog Shoes 4e

Soft Cotton Lining – Breathable & Comfortable wear

6895-waterproof dog boots 8a

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Waterproof Outdoor Dog Boots
£64.00 £43.95